Long time handicapper and club volunteer Tom Fry passed away very recently. Tommy’s contribution to our club will have lasting impact and he will be very sorely missed. His funeral at 11am at Bright Cemetery followed by a memorial/wake at the golf club is July 18th.

With snow on the surrounding mountains golf slows down a little at BCGC. For some that means less run on the fairways and putts that take a little more oomph to get to the hole. For others it means spending time on other pursuits, like snow skiing or travel to warmer areas over the cooler months. In these quieter months the committee have been working on some projects for the future success of the club. Some have been smooth, some have not.

The big question around the place it “what’s happening with the clubhouse renovation and lease?” This process has stalled significantly on a few fronts. The renovation quote came in $100,000 over budget and the other interested party are working very hard on some other projects. The committee are now seeking quotes for a reduced amount of work that will satisfy the needs of consolidating pro shop and bar operations to be run by a single person in non-peak times. This will also see the ability to provide more food options (not a full menu from the kitchen, but easy to prepare snack options) available daily. Plans for the building permit have been attached.

The Club Constitution update has had great input from Golf Australia and is almost ready to be distributed to the membership for comment. This will require a Special General Meeting to be voted on my the members, so please give feedback should you have it, and turn up to the meeting once called. Thanks to Don Grimes, Robert Taylor, Nick Aloizos, and Hamish Macphee for their work on the Constitution Sub Committee working closely with Chris Crabbe from Golf Australia.

Work continues on plans for accommodation to be built near the 4th tee. This will be an ongoing source of income for the club. The Strategic Planning Committee is working on a proposal for the membership. This will also require member approval so if you have an interest, look out for the proposal when it is sent out.