John Jackson Qualifiers

Brian Taggart vs Craig Williamson

Darcey Beecher vs William Kelty

Jonas Bush vs Sam Hall

David Kelly vs March Zwiersen

Matches to be played at any time or within Club competitions.
Matches are MATCH PLAY Stroke with lowest handicap playing off scratch (0) and opponent playing off the shot difference between players’ handicaps. So a 18 playing against a 23 would mean the 23 handicap gets a shot on the 5 hardest holes.

Quarter Finals must be played by JUNE 2
Semi Finals to be completed by JUNE 16
Final to be concluded by JUNE 30

Skins Playoff to be played by Saturday JUNE 1
6 Balls in play for the first 6 holes, 12 balls in play for the next 6 holes, with 18 balls in play for the last 6 holes.
Players play off current handicaps and play as the lasts group of the day.

Should any player not be able to play on the day (JUNE 1), he should notify the Captain (Nick Aliozos) so the next best score can be promoted into his place.