• Practicing on the course is prohibited anywhere but on the defined practice fairway, except that a member may play a practice round having not more than two balls in play, but not when competitions are in progress.
  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay. If you have lost a ball or are for any other reason unable to maintain your place in the field, never hesitate to call the following players through. This is their right and should always be voluntarily and  cheerfully given. If this right, when due, is not given after a reasonable opportunity has been given for doing so, it should be demanded in the traditional way by calling “Fore” and then awaiting signal. It is a traditional rule that the following players are called through if they are moving faster, and should always be called if the proceeding players are a fairway’s length ahead.
  • Leave Buggies at the spot most accessible to the next tee.
    To attend to the flag correctly, stand away at arms length from the hole, being careful not to the damage the area around the hole. Do not stand in anyone’s line.
    Do not discuss the score on the green, but walk smartly to the next tee, where the player with the honour hits off and then writes down the score.
  • Repair all divots - Sand buckets are provided near the first and tenth tees and members and their visitors are required to carry and use one.
  • Avoid walking or wheeling buggies near areas designated G.U.R. except as necessary to retrieve your ball.
  • Keep buggies off teeing grounds.
  • Pug marks on the putting green should be carefully repaired.
  • Damage to the putting green caused by shoe spikes should be repaired on completion of the hole.
  • Golf carts not to be driven within 10m of green.

Please Avoid Slow Play

This video is worth viewing in conjunction with the following hints.

If there is a full clear fairway in front of you, your group is too slow, these hints will help:

  • Don’t delay at your tee if those in front of you are out of range... HIT FIRST AND MARK CARD LATER!
  • Go to your ball first - be ready to play without delay when it comes to rest. Mark it with some object.
  • Clean your ball regularly during the game
  • Leave the green as soon as the hole has been played. MARK CARD LATER!