Local Rules

(To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

All Pegs are immovable obstructions
RED Pegs: Lateral Water Hazards
WHITE Pegs: G.U.R.
YELLOW Pegs: Water Hazards 
BLUE Markers on left side of fairways indicate 150m to centre of green.

1. OUT OF BOUNDS - All ground outside Course Boundary Fences.

2. OVERHEAD WIRES/ELECTRICAL POLES - A ball striking overhead wires or electric poles MUST be replayed without penalty.

3. TREES AND SHRUBS - A player MUST take relief if a tree or shrub is guarded or staked and interferes with stance or swing as provided by Rule 24.2B (immovable obstruction).

4. GARDEN BEDS - Play is prohibited and relief MUST be taken as provided by Rule 25.1B.

5. WHEEL MARKS - Through the green, wheel marks made by a mower, tractor or motor vehicle may be treated as GUR.

6. SPRINKLER HEADS & TURF VALVES are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 24.2. If such an obstruction on or within 2 club lengths of the putting green of the hole being played intervenes in the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief without penalty if the ball is within 2 club lengths of the obstruction. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.

7. ROADWAY - The road running from the Carpark gate through to the gate near the sixth (6th) fairway is GUR. Relief to be taken as per Rule 25.1.

YELLOW - Hole cut to front l/3rd of Green
WHITE - Hole cut to centre l/3rd of Green
RED - Hole cut to back I/3rd of Green

NOTE: Daily variations to these rules are listed on the whiteboard at the entrance to the shop.

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