Rule 26 (Water Hazards)

When playing the 8th hole at Bright, some players have been seen to misunderstand Rule 26 (Water Hazards). In most cases when a ball is hit into the dredge hole from the tee, under the rule, the next shot must be played under penalty of one shot from the tee or way back behind the dredge hole. The rule states:

If your ball is in a water hazard (yellow stakes and/or lines) you may play the ball as it lies or, under penalty of one stroke:

  • play a ball from where your last shot was played, or
  • drop a ball any distance behind the water hazard keeping a straight line between the hole, the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard and the spot on which the ball is dropped. 

If your ball is in a lateral water hazard (red stakes and/or lines), in addition to the options for a ball in a water hazard (see above), under penalty of one stroke, you may drop within two club-lengths of, and not nearer the hole than:

  • the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, or
  • a point on the opposite side of the hazard equidistant to the hole from the point where the ball last crossed the margin.


This video may help to explain the rule.

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